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When Nic Bartolotta invented the DCT Proflex he was looking to solve a very unique problem… strengthen and stretch the muscles of the ankle. The technique (DCT) that he developed requires the ability to overpower a muscle while it is contracting and force it to lengthen under tension.  A scenario known as an eccentric muscle contraction.  The muscles that cross the Ankle are so incredibly strong, and the foot itself is such an incredibly short lever arm that it is nearly impossible to force an eccentric contraction by hand or by yourself.  The ProFlex attaches to the foot and creates a longer lever arm which gives the user the ability to easily generate the force needed to eccentrically stretch the muscles of the lower leg.

  • ONLY LEVERAGED BASED HAMSTRING STRETCH DEVICE on the market today that allows you to adjust tension and guide your leg through an eccentric stretch
  • DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR DYNAMIC CONTRACTION TECHNIQUE – have you ever tried to get the perfect hamstring or calve stretch only to find yourself involving many more muscles in the process? The DCT Proflex helps to isolate muscles you want stretched.
  • TARGETED SPECIFICITY – The patented DCT PROFLEX is the only product on the market today that will isolate every muscle in the lower leg, ankle and foot concentrically, and eccentrically
  • STRENGTHEN AND STRETCH – Target foot intrinsics that control the shape and arch of your foot. Correct rigid foot disorders including bunions, hammer toe, high arches and flat feet
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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 6 in

Med/Lg (10.5-14 Mens US), SM (up to size 10 Mens US), XL (14+ Mens US)


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