DCT Chiro-Balls


  • PAIN RELIEF, TRIGGER POINT THERAPY & MYOFASCIAL TENSION RELEASE: Stay healthy with Self-Massage. No need for an expensive massage, do it yourself with these perfect smaller size balls for pinpoint accuracy to getting right to the pain fast. Enhance your flexibility with these high-density trigger point therapy balls by Dynamic Contraction Technique, LLC
  • INCREASE MOBILITY & REDUCE MUSCLE TENSION: Realize the real benefits of trigger point therapy, with these premium Active Release balls. Just lean into or on your DCT Chiro-Balls ball to relieve muscle knots and tension, using your own body weight.
  • DESIGNED & MANUFACTURED FOR MYOFASCIAL RELEASE & TRIGGER POINT THERAPY – Although the DCT Chiro-Balls look similar to a handball don’t be fooled it’s denser and was specifically designed with a non-slip resin to get maximum pressure without fear of your therapy ball darting out from under you.
  • 1.75 INCHES OF PINPOINT ACTIVE RELEASE THERAPY – They’re smaller than Lacrosse Balls but just as dense. No longer do you have to deal with the discomfort of using Lacrosse Balls for your Trigger Point Therapy, Active Release, or Myofascial release. Smaller & More dense means you can get to the muscle tension quicker, easier, and with better results.

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