To understand DCT… you need to understand how to Optimize Flex-Ability

Watch this comprehensive presentation to learn exactly how DCT works to promote true flexibility in the body.  Nic Bartolotta was invited to present for The Exercise Coach franchise conference in Chicago.  In this presentation you will learn about Muscle Tension vs. Fascial Tension and how Stretching works.  Enjoy!

I was introduced to Dynamic Contraction Technique (DCT) in April 2005, since then I have worked with Nic Bartolotta to create a flexibility program that best suits me. The DCT Proflex has helped me to prepare in a way that I know I am physically ready for anything. This tool is truly amazing, light years ahead of all the the products commonly used in most athletic and fitness programs today.

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What is DCT?

Dynamic Contraction Technique™ (DCT™) is a form of physical therapy that uses Eccentric muscle contractions to breakdown scar tissue, which in turn restores muscle function. The implementation of DCT is a unique blend of resistance stretching and strength training that incorporates principles from western biomechanics and eastern holistic modalities to give users a powerful yet efficient therapeutic workout experience.  Developed over the last 17 years by Nic Bartolotta, a licensed Physical Therapist/Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, the DCT™ system includes over 450 exercises that can be done with a skilled DCT™ Practitioner, or alone using the DCT™ Personal Exercises.

“DCT is Simple in Principle, Practical in Use, and Profound in Results.”

Why Dynamic Contraction Technique?

Dynamic Contraction Technique™ is founded in Science. Every DCT™ exercise works to release both muscle tension and fascial tension in the body. In order to understand how DCT™ does this we first need to understand how tension forms in the first place. In this video you can see tension being created in a muscle and watch how Dynamic Contraction Technique™ works to remove it. DCT™ has been clinically tested and proven to be effective in improving flexibility in the body. (to see DCT Research Study click here)

History of DCT

History of DCT

Nic Bartolotta founded DCT in January of 2012, and was formed in order to facilitate teaching and certifications of the method called Dynamic Contraction Technique™ (DCT).  The story behind DCT began way back in July of 2001.  DCT creator Nic Bartolotta was a college athlete facing a career ending knee injury.  Confronted with the not so uncommon ultimatum, “deal with the pain or pick a different sport,” Nic decided to find an alternative solution.  That summer he was introduced to the amazing and relatively unknown world of resistance stretching.  He was 19 years old and had his first moment of clarity where everything in his life came into focus and the path to success resolved from the blur into undeniable high definition.  Driven by the self-serving vision of becoming a world-class athlete (springboard diving), Nic poured himself into the genre of resistance stretching.  With the support of his family, several key mentors, and his friends Nic was given the unbelievable opportunity to give all of himself over to his sport and personal development.

In 2004, Nic ended his athletic career ranking in the top 50 in the nation having completely resolved his knee injury.  Between 2004 and 2011 Nic devoted himself to studying the human body, at first acquiring a 1000 hour Holistic Health License from IPSB in San Diego, and then a Master of Physical Therapy degree from CSU in Long Beach.  Out of this passion for knowledge grew a model for a preventative healthcare system which would later become the Dynamic Contraction Technique™.   Along the way, Nic met some amazing individuals who shared his in his vision and now make up the DCT™ Instructor Staff helping to operate and grow Harmonix Health LLC.  Each team member has their own story of personal growth which has added to the depth and integrity that makes Dynamic Contraction Technique what it is today.  To learn more about out DCT™ Instructors click here.

With the warmest regards, we invite you to explore our website, and we hope that our stories and the information on our site help you with your own journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

DCT™ & Resistance Stretching

Resistance stretching has been around since the early 1900s.  The first standardized method of resistance stretching was called Proprioceptive Nueromuscular Facilitation (PNF) and was originally used to rehab post polio patients and was later adapted for stroke and spinal cord injury rehabilitation.  In the 1970s these PNF techniques were adopted by orthopedic therapists to treat musculoskeletal dysfunctions and to work with the more “healthy” population.  Since the 70s there have been relatively few advances in the basic approach to resistance stretching.  Dynamic Contraction Technique™ represents the first major shift in the genre of resistance stretching since its implementation into the wellness and fitness fields.