Workshops for the General Public

Principles & Methods

Body Theory & DCT Communication

  • Introductory Classes
  • Body Theory
  • Basics of DCT
  • DCT Communication
  • Practical Anatomy
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DCT Workouts

DCT Personal Exercises

  • Beginner to Advanced
  • Lower Body
  • Upper Body
  • Open to All
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Injury-Specific Workouts

DCT Personal Exercises to Address & Resolve Injuries

  • How Injuries Happen
  • Resolving Injuries
  • Healing Q&A
  • Injury Prevention
  • Open to All
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Overview by Type

Principles & Methods:

Principles & Methods workshops are courses that focus on body theory and an experiential understanding of Dynamic Contraction Technique.  This category of workshop includes all introductory classes as well as more intermediate and advanced classes on body theory and DCT communication skills.  Practical anatomy courses are also offered under this designation.

DCT Workouts:

A DCT Workouts workshop is a follow the leader formatted workshop focusing on the DCT Personal Exercises organized into a workout.  There are many different DCT Workouts workshops that are offered.  There is everything ranging from beginner general lower body workshops to advanced upper body workshops.  These workshops are ideal for DCT Clients who are interested in adding content to their Web Portal accounts or for practitioners wanting to brush up on specific workouts that they can then assign to their clients.

Injury Specific Workouts:

The Injury Specific Workouts workshops are classes that incorporate lecture and education regarding an injury with DCT Personal Exercises taught in the follow the leader format.  In these workshops Clients or Practitioners can learn the mechanism of injury for some of the most common injuries as well as routines that can be used to help resolve these injuries.  These courses tend to be taught more slowly with a lot of question and answer so as to address the needs of the often injured participants.