DCT is Simple in Principle, Practical in Use, and Profound in Results.

What is DCT?

Developed over the last 12 years by Nic Bartolotta, a licensed Physical Therapist, DCT™ is a system that improves posture and eliminates muscular imbalances through proprietary protocols involving actively stretching muscle and facial tissue in the body.

Maximize Muscle Recruitment

As tension builds locally in muscle fibers the...

Reduce Joint Pain

The same tension that causes poor joint function...

Reduce Stress

There are a myriad of factors that effect a...

Why Dynamic Contraction Technique?

Dynamic Contraction Technique™ is founded in Science. Every DCT™ exercise works to release both muscle tension and Fascial tension in the body. In order to understand how DCT™ does this we first need to understand how tension forms in the first place. In this video you can see tension being created in a muscle and watch how Dynamic Contraction Technique™ works to remove it. DCT™ has been clinically tested and proven to be effective in improving flexibility in the body. (to see DCT Research Study click here)

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