The DCT Web Portal

The DCT Web Portal is a customized software application designed to host educational media in a format that is accessible and practical for Students, Practitioners, and Clients of the Dynamic Contraction Technique. Originally the concept of the portal was geared towards providing students with 24 hour access to video content of each exercise that they were being taught in their DCT courses. Very quickly we realized the benefit of having a central hub where students could study and learn about the body as it relates to the unique movements and protocols of DCT. It became apparent that video was an ideal medium to teach DCT to clients as well as our students. As such Harmonix Health spent over two years developing features for the Web Portal that allow certified DCT Practitioners to assign personalized workouts to their Clients. The Web Portal is a unique experience driven platform that helps Harmonix Health fulfill its mission to Educate, Empower, and Evolve those who are drawn to the Dynamic Contraction Technique. See below to learn more about the different Web Portal accounts and their features.


A Tool for Education

Before the DCT Web Portal existed there was no clear way to ensure a high quality learning experience while at the same time giving individuals the flexibility they need to undertake the task of learning a new movement based modality. There are typically two models that are followed when it comes to teaching a continuing education certification course. Either the program is extremely expensive and demands extensive course work and in class training. Or more often the course is taught in a weekend intensive format and is more reasonably priced. With the extensive program you are more likely to retain the information, but are limited in your ability to attend the course based on your location and ability to conform your schedule to the scholastic demands of the program (not to mention the limitation of the price). The weekend intensive format is well designed for people who are interested in experiencing a new technique or idea but the actual retention of information has been shown to be less than 10%. There are obvious advantages to both formats, however neither way really meets the needs of the majority of people who might be interested in pursuing continuing education in health and wellness modalities. With the DCT Web Portal Harmonix Health is able to give its students 24 hour access to the content of their course, allowing them to train and practice whenever and wherever they need. The in class commitment is required but is scheduled around normal working hours to allow people to learn while maintaining the commitments of their lives. This software is a breakthrough in the continuing education paradigm as it allows for a much greater breadth of reach of the information while giving people an affordable, accessible, and practical opportunity to learn and grow their health and wellness skill sets.

A Tool for Empowerment

The true value of the DCT Web Portal lies in the feature provided that are designed to empower both the DCT Practitioners and their Clients. Education is the primary mission of Harmonix Health, however education without a vehicle of dissemination is powerless to affect change. By providing practitioners with the ability to assign custom workouts to their clients the DCT Web Portal diversifies and adds value to their services. More time during sessions can be spent focusing on dismantling inappropriate movement patterns and or resolving injuries with the facilitated/assisted exercises without fear of running out of time to teach people what they need to know in order to succeed on their own. From the client’s perspective there is far more value in a DCT session where there is video content available to support their at home practice. The ease of use and simple intuitiveness of the DCT Web Portal interface only enhances the ability to be compliant with the assigned workouts. The system is truly a tool for the empowerment of those who seek personal development and transformation in their bodies and lives.

A Tool for Evolution

The greatest aspect of the DCT Web Portal is its affordability and its investment value. When a DCT client has their first session their practitioner will usually assign them a workout to support the training they did in the session. This information is available to the client for a free trial period following their first Log In to the Web Portal. When they return to their practitioner for a follow up session they may be given another workout or have exercises added to their existing workout. These videos are stored in the client’s web portal FOREVER. Following the trial period a client can subscribe to a membership to their web portal for as little as $10 per month. The beauty of the system is that as the client continues to visit practitioners, attend workshops, or purchase products, their portal grows in value while their monthly fee remains the same. It is an investment that grows in value as they invest into themself. If the client discontinues their subscription it remains dormant waiting for them when they need it. The paradigm shift here lies in the belief that people should pay for what gives them results and they should be rewarded for their commitment to their health. As such Harmonix Health has developed a software application that can connect people to top tier information and provide a resource that allows them to achieve their goals at a price that is reasonable and appropriate.