Mission & Vision


The Harmonix Health Mission is Three-Fold:

To Educate:

To provide our practitioners and the public with an understanding of how and why physical ailments and injuries develop and manifest in their bodies.

To Empower:

With an understanding of how ailments and injuries develop and manifest in their bodies, practitioners and clients are provided with the tools and resources required to best service their treatment/rehabilitative, sports performance training, and injury prevention/preventative health care needs.

To Evolve:

By giving users the knowledge and tools, Harmonix Health desires to support a paradigm shift towards a preventative health care model, and, accordingly, works to certify existing health care and fitness professionals in the system known as Dynamic Contraction Technique (DCT).


The Harmonix Health Vision is simple. Gandhi summed it up with his famous saying, “BE the change you wish to see in the world.”

At Harmonix Health, we want to accomplish many things, but our greatest aspiration is to show people how to BE comfortable in their bodies.  The simple idea being that it is far easier to be compassionate and generous when you don’t have pain or dis-ease to distract you from these innate human qualities.  Feel good in your body every single day, and let’s see what happens…