How My Body Works

The following lessons were originally chapters in a book that DCT creator Nic Bartolotta was writing to help people understand how and why the Dynamic Contraction Technique works to heal the body.  As each chapter he wrote took shape it became clear that visual aids would add greatly to the communication of these somewhat complex physiological and biomechanical ideas.  In the end Nic decided to transform his book into these free online animated and learning lessons!

In order to maximize your experience with DCT it is necessary to understand the lens with which Harmonix Health teaches it’s Practitioners to view the body.  Because DCT is a therapeutic system that is sensation driven it is critical that each client is able to visualize and grasp how and why tension forms in the body. With this perspective a client can then learn to associate what they are feeling during a DCT exercise with the physiological effect that is occurring in their muscle or fascial tissue.  Without understanding the sensation of the Dynamic Contraction Technique there is no real way to focus the practitioner’s and client’s attention on achieving the desired results.  All new DCT clients are encouraged to participate in the How My Body Works Learning Lessons prior to their first DCT session, workshop, or certification program.  Enjoy!

Lesson 1.   Muscles, Movement, and Tension: T-Shirt Analogy

Lesson 2.   Biomechanical Misalignment: Chain Link Analogy

Lesson 3.   Removing Muscle Tension: Wrench & Bolt Analogy

Lesson 4.   The Fascial Body: Wetsuit Analogy (videos coming soon)

Lesson 5.   Muscle Tension Vs. Fascial Tension: Plastic Wrap Analogy (Coming Soon…)

Lesson 6.   Tension & the Circulatory System: Garden Hose Analogy (Coming Soon…)

Lesson 7.   Tension & the Nervous System: Computer Network Analogy (Coming Soon…)