DCT Therapist vs. DCT Trainer

The answer to this question is simple and relates to the legality of practicing physical therapy or body work in most states. A DCT certificate is not a license, and as such a DCT Practitioner using DCT must practice within the scope of whatever license or insurance they hold that legally allows them to perform physical fitness or body work with their clients/patients. What this means is that if you have an acute physical problem or undiagnosed injury then it would be wise to consult with and visit a DCT Therapist with a degree and license that will allow them to do a traditional examination with you. However, if your problem is chronic and either you have already been evaluated/diagnosed then you can have confidence in seeing either a DCT Trainer or a Therapist. There is no difference in the DCT Certification program that is offered to Trainers vs. Therapists. A level 4 DCT Trainer is as skilled at DCT as a level 4 DCT Therapist. We encourage you to discuss any serious health conditions with your doctor prior to seeking out a DCT Practitioner. As long as you are cleared for physical based therapies then you can expect great results from both our certified Trainers and Therapists.