TuneUp Classes

What is a TuneUp Class?

TuneUps are group classes that are used to introduce the principals of  DCT in an easy to follow format and an affordable price.  TuneUps are personal exercise based classes that will give you the tools to balance tension in your body.  The emphasis of each TuneUp will vary based on what areas of the bodies are being focused on during the class.

How Long is a TuneUp Class?

The average TuneUp class lasts one hour, however at some of our class locations we added a free 30 min open practice following the class where you can ask questions regarding specific injuries and/or learn how to do the DCT form of Barefoot Shiatsu with a partner from class!  Check the class description in our Event Schedule to see if this amazing option is available for the class you are attending. (Click Here for Event Schedule)

What Should you bring to a TuneUp Class?

All equipment needed for each class is provided including the DCT ProFlex and Sliders and Walkers to use for Barefoot Shiatsu.  It is helpful to bring an extra yogo mat or stetching pad along with a pair of socks for both using the ProFlex and performing Barefoot Shiatsu, however it is not required!