Trainer's Package Exercises

Beginner's Anterior Tib Muscle Release

Beginner's Extensor Digitorum Muscle Release

Beginner's Shin and Ankle Fascial Release (Central)

Intermediate Shin Spiral line Fascial Release (Peroneals, lateral knee, and I.T. Band)

Intermediate Full Shin Fascial Release (Windshield Wipers)

Beginner's Calf Muscle Release

Beginner's Calf High Gastroc Muscle Release

Intermediate Popliteus Muscle Release

Intermediate Pronation & Supination (Inversion/Eversion) Muscle Release

Intermediate Pronation & Supination (Inversion/Eversion) Hip Flexed Muscle Release

Intermediate Peroneals Muscle Release

Intermediate Lateral Gastroc Muscle Release

Intermediate Medial Gastroc Muscle Release

Beginner's Back Line Fascial Release (Calf and Central Hamstring)

Intermediate Calf Lateral Line Fascial Release (Lateral Knee and Lateral Hamstring)

Intermediate Calf Front Line Fascial Release (Medial Hamstrings & Adductors)

Full Shin Release Muscle progression to Fascial Progressions in Sequence

Full Calf Muscle Release Progression in Sequence

Full Calf Fascial Release Progression in Sequence