DCT Equipment

In the course of the evolution of DCT, specialized equipment and tools have been developed in order to both protect Practitioners from wear and tear and allow for the execution of techniques and exercises unique to the system.  Harmonix Health has invested significant time and resources to refine these devices and currently holds one full Utility Patent  within the genre of “Resistance Stretching,” along with several more design and utility patents that are currently pending.  Click Here to see the the DCT ProFlex Utility Patent!

When you sign up for your first DCT Certification course you must purchase a DCT Equipment package (fee is added to the cost of the course).  The equipment used in DCT Certification Courses includes the DCT Proflex, Knee Pillow, Slider, Leverage Strap, and Wrist Stick.  See below to learn how each product is applied within the DCT Certification courses.

The DCT Proflex is a leverage device used to isolate muscles of the lower leg. The Proflex can be used to strengthen and stretch both muscle tissue and fascial tissue that controls the knee, ankle and foot. Using the DCT principals and protocols with the Proflex allows practitioners and clients to radically and quickly change the posture of the foot and by extension affect the entire kinetic chain above. In DCT courses you will learn how to master the use of this device in assisted exercises and personal exercises.










The DCT Leverage Strap is used solely for Assisted DCT exercises and Therapeutic Massage. Simple in design but potent in effect the Leverage Strap is used to support a client’s body in dynamic positions giving the practitioner “leverage” to apply an external pressure with their feet in order to facilitate massage or resistance for a DCT exercise. In the DCT Certification or focused Workshops you will learn to utilize the Leverage Strap for many different techniques and applications.










The DCT Knee Pillow a cornerstone for the practice of the Dynamic Contraction Technique. The Knee Pillow is used by DCT practitioners and clients to eliminate pressure on their knees during DCT sessions. The Knee Pillow’s unique design shifts a person’s body weight inferior to their knee cap when in kneeling and lunge positions. This allows the Tibia to carry the majority of a person’s body weight essentially eliminating the discomfort that can occur when performing a kneeling DCT exercise. For our practitioners this is invaluable as there is a significant amount of time spent lunging and kneeling to facilitate DCT sessions. While there are variations of most DCT exercises that do not require kneeling the Knee Pillow allows even people with sensitive knees to perform the kneeling exercises. The DCT Knee Pillow can be used for any activity that elicits pressure on the knees (Pilates, Yoga, Weight Lifting, and even non exercise based activities).






The DCT Slider is actually a furniture moving device that we use to manipulate body weight in order to add resistance to many DCT exercises. This product can be purchased at any Bed Bath and Beyond and is not very unique in and of itself, however when you learn use the Slider with a DCT exercise you will immediately realize the amazing potential that this simple device has to help you release muscle and fascial tension from your body. Sliders are used for other training systems, but Harmonix Health is the first company to use them as a therapeutic device.









The DCT Wrist Stick is a wooden dowel with a secondary smaller dowel affixed to it in order to provide leverage to isolate the wrist and forearm muscle of the arm. With this simple device a DCT practitioner or client can strengthen and stretch muscles that are associated with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, osteoarthritis, and many other ailments of the hand and lower arm. The Wrist Stick is an important part of the DCT Certification program.











** NOTE:  Most of the DCT Equipment is only available for purchase through participation in Workshops and Certification Courses.  However, the Sliders and Knee Pillows can be purchased from Certified DCT Practitioners or Group Exercise Coaches**