IMG_2919Currently we are offering DCT™ workshops and certifications for Athletic Trainers and Sports Specialists.   If you have been looking for continuing education opportunities that are not only relevant, but highly sought after, then you have found your hub.  DCT™ is one of the most effective and efficient forms of body work on the planet.  The progressions that you will learn work off of a feed back driven Real-Time Diagnostics principal. This means that you are taught to adapt each session protocol immediately based on how your client is responding to the treatment techniques you are performing with them at that moment.

Real-Time-Diagnostics is unique to DCT™ and allows for the resolution of complex dysfunctional movement patterns often within a matter of minutes or less.  A proficient DCT ™Practitioner learns to check in with the client/patient during each exercise so that they can monitor which muscles are firing, and more importantly which muscles the client is consciously aware of during the movements.  Inattentiveness and non-participation are not an option during a DCT™ session.  DCT™ is a cooperative method and the profound results are a function of the potency of collaboration during the therapeutic process.

Courses Available:

Private Certifications for Individuals, Groups, or Professional Organizations are available upon request. Contact Us for details on  pricing and scheduling.

* For those who simply want to resolve their own personal health issues, we encourage you to work with a DCT™ Practitioner in a private session so that you can develop an understanding of the DCT™ principles and have your first experience with this amazing method facilitated by an expert. (Learn more about Private DCT Sessions here)

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