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“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.” – Bob Dylan

Nic Bartolotta is an inventor, physical therapist, holistic health practitioner, speaker, and creator of Dynamic Contraction Technique (DCT), which has revolutionized how we understand flexibility and the methods used to address human performance and rehabilitation.

In 2012, the United States Patent Office granted Nic his first Utility Patent for the DCT ProFlex validating his unique therapeutic device and treatment methodology.  Dynamic Contraction Technique, and the DCT ProFlex have since been adopted by elite collegiate and professional organizations alike.  Trainers and therapists from teams like the Dallas Mavericks, the Los Angeles Clippers, the Houston Rockets, and the USC Trojans have all found great benefit to using Nic’s tools and techniques with their athletes.

Nic was first introduced to physical therapy in 2001 when a knee injury threatened to end his college springboard diving career.  At the age of 19 an MRI confirmed that the cartilage in his left knee had worn down to the bone.  The prognosis was grim, and he was told that he could anticipate a knee replacement surgery before he turned 45.  As is common with many innovators in sports medicine, this injury led Nic to seek out an alternative solution to resolve his pain and return to competition.  Through a 2 year mentorship with Bob Cooley (Resistance Flexibility Strength Training) he was able, not only to return to diving, but he went on to compete in the America’s Cup narrowly missing the 2004 Olympic Trials and ending his career ranked in the top 50 in the nation.  What’s more impressive, however, is that since 2001 Nic has not experienced any knee pain making the original prognosis of a knee replacement surgery seem absurd.  Understanding how the complete resolution of such a severe knee injury was possible has been the driving force behind all of Nic’s academic and professional endeavors.

Graduating in 2003 from UC Berkeley with a BA in Rhetoric Nic went on to continue his education by completing a 1000 hour Holistic Health and Massage program at the International Professional School for Bodywork (IPSB) in San Diego.  He then went on to attend Cal State University in 2007 at Long Beach where he earned his Masters degree in Physical Therapy performing his graduate research on DCT.  His research study, titled “Dynamic Contraction Technique vs. PNF: A Comparative study of Two Stretching Procedures on Increasing muscle Length of the Hamstrings and Iliopsoas” demonstrated that DCT was clinically viable as a physical therapy modality (Click here to download a PDF of the study).

While attending graduate school Nic founded Harmonix Health LLC and created a robust certification program for DCT hosting hundreds of courses for trainers and therapists all over the country.  Along with the DCT ProFlex, he has invented a number of different manual therapy and self care products for which he has several more patents pending.  In 2014 Nic was asked to be the keynote speaker for a fitness and wellness franchise called The Exercise Coach.  His speech, Optimizing Flex-Ability (Click here to view video), led to his appointment as Director of Elite Performance for the company, and in March of 2015 Nic and CEO of The Exercise Coach, Brian Cygan, co-invented a groundbreaking and revolutionary new strength training/flexibility device called the CrossFire.  With several novel utility patents pending the CrossFire will have its debut this Fall with the Detroit Pistons NBA team as well as in the prestigious Orthopedic Clinic of Dr. Walter O’brien in Los Angeles (Click here to view video).

Nic is entering into his third season working as a Flexibility Specialist/Consultant for the Dallas Mavericks.  The 2015/16 NBA season will bring a wider audience to DCT with the implementation of the CrossFire as well as several pending DCT ProFlex Certifications within the league. He continues to focus on performance based product development and innovation within the field of Orthopedic Sports Medicine.  In his free time Nic enjoys spending time at his home in Venice Beach with his wife, Jenna.  Their favorite activities include people watching from their deck, Skateboarding along the boardwalk, and taking care of their 4 urban chickens!

“Let the beauty of what you Love be what you do.” – Rumi

Kyle was an All-American lacrosse player who studied Medical Anthropology at Harvard University, graduating with honors in 2001.  During his athletic career, Kyle suffered two major knee injuries that required reconstructive surgery and massive rehabilitation.  Post graduation, Kyle journeyed forth in search of the ultimate holistic training system.  In 2002, Kyle discovered resistance stretching and began an intensive apprenticeship with Bob Cooley, founder of Meridian Flexibility.  Through his training with Bob, Kyle met Nic and (they) immediately began developing their own unique expressions of the work.  After of a year of focused practice together on the physical body, Kyle wished to deepen his spiritual understanding and went abroad to study with master healers from various cultures all over the world.

After years of exploration in the healing arts, Kyle returned to San Diego in 2006 and reunited with Nic to help develop Harmonix Health.  Since then he has formalized his practice by earning national massage licensure and continues to deepen his knowledge through pursuing a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego.

 As an integrative practitioner, Kyle balances his vast experience of high performance athletic training and rehabilitation with years of practice in the wisdom teachings of yoga, tai ji, meditation and TCM.  Kyle combines a uniquely diverse set of technical skills and a highly developed intuitive touch to create a safe environment for optimum healing.  Each session dramatically increases body-mind awareness, and empowers clients with the personal tools to unlock their highest potential.

“The purest ore is produced from the hottest furnace.” – Charles Caleb Colton

A lifelong athlete and college football player, Jim has been pursuing a career in the NFL as a punter since 2004. Always in a constant pursuit of greater flexibility to further his career, Jim found Nic and Dynamic Contraction Technique through a mutual friend, and after one session, he was hooked!

“I’ve done everything I could to improve my flexibility. I’ve tried Yoga, Pilates, elastic bands, holding static stretches so long it hurts, even yanking my legs open with ropes. And four years using all of these methods hasn’t produced the gains experienced over three months using Dynamic Contraction Technique.”

A graduate of Wesleyan University in Connecticut where he studied theatrical arts and architecture, Jim has long combined the idea of intention with action and thought with movement. His ability to apply knowledge and understanding from one art to another is his greatest strength. Whether he is coaching a new placekicker or acting on stage, he is always looking to use the teachings of one as lessons for the other.

Jim currently volunteers his time coaching punters, kickers and long-snappers at the University of San Diego. Using his five years of collegiate coaching experience, he aims to produce another All-Conference kicker this year, something he has never failed to do since he began coaching. Even in the off-season, you’ll see him at the school putting in long hours on the field to develop his own punting skills.

Jim’s family still resides in Connecticut. He has four sisters, all of whom are stellar basketball players, two having received full scholarships to Quinnipiac University. If not on the football field, you’ll find Jim serving at church, writing scripts, practicing yoga or training with some of San Diego’s other superb fitness professionals.

“Let me see how you do what you do… then I will help you do it better.”

Shawn had a very active childhood growing up in New Hampshire. Hiking, skiing, soccer, and the martial arts were the focus of his physical energy.  While attending college in California Shawn suffered a fall while hiking. The injuries of that fall resulted in long term paralysis and damage in the left leg.  “I had an area on the outside of my thigh that was numb or asleep”.  For over ten years Shawn continued an active life in martial arts, construction and the healing arts however he consistently needed to “work around” his injuries. With the use of DCT and conscious care for his Body, Mind and Soul he is pain free today.

Shawn met Kyle Shinners in 2008 and began the work of Dynamic Contraction Technique. He realized within the first few weeks that his “asleep” spot was fading while he was repairing knee and hip pain that he had since he was young. Shawn became more flexible throughout his entire body while strengthening any areas that were weak.

Shawn has integrated the study and practice of DCT from that time.  “I feel this is some of the most important technology to reach the planet. Everyone needs this work!”  Shawn now combines the use of DCT with energetic and emotion release techniques, breath work to offer his clients the ability to strengthen what is weak, stretch what is tight and to release from the body what is no longer needed.

What we are talking about here is your vessel. This “ship” will carry you for the rest of your days. Let’s tune it, listen to it, honor it, and tune again. If we just worked with DCT we could change how you experience your life. It is an honor to offer DCT as a foundation to seekers of health, personal and spiritual growth.