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The DCT KnotStop™ is the most dynamic self-massage and trigger point tool on the market.  It’s Patent Pending design takes foam rolling to the next level!  Click here to check out the dedicated website and to purchase yours today!


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The DCT ProFlex™ is the worlds first Patented foot & ankle mobility device that uses the ankles true biomechanics to create a “biological axis of motion.”  This unparalleled innovation makes the DCT ProFlex™ a staple for both Professional Sports Therapists, Trainers, and the general public alike.

Click Here to see how NBA teams are using the DCT ProFlex™

Click Here to see an Interview with inventor Nic Bartolotta on the Taylor Baldwin Show.

Click Here to purchase your own DCT ProFlex™ and to learn more about this amazing product!


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DCT Digitz™ are the first high performance finger compression sleeves ever developed.  Currently the DCT Digitz™ prototypes are being tested with the NBA.  Casey Smith of the Dallas Mavericks has been a primary contributor in the design process and we will be excited to update you when this product becomes available to the puplic!  A dedicated product site is coming soon, so make sure to sign up to our newsletter to get updates on this project!