DCT Certification Programs are designed for Healthcare or Fitness professionals who are interested in learning a powerful tool to help promote health and wellness in their patients/clients.  In the certification programs DCT is taught as a stand-alone treatment protocol.  This is solely for the purpose of maximizing the learning process during the courses and by no means limits DCT Practitioners from blending what they have learned with their own techniques and ideas.  However, that being said, it is important to mention that the DCT methodology is a significant and critical part of the certification process.  The ideas around Client Therapist Communication that are taught in DCT courses are universal as is our Sensation Driven approach to therapy and fitness.  All courses utilize the DCT Web Portal to enhance the learning experience and allow for crucial practice hours needed to prepare for the practical and written certification exams. See below to learn more about each of the 4 levels of DCT Certification as well as the Certification process in general!

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The DCT Level One Certification course provides an introduction to the basic principles and protocols of the Dynamic Contraction Technique.  You will learn 111 unique exercise to affect both muscle tension and fascial tension in the body.  Upon certification a Level One DCT practitioner will be able to address basic functional problems in the body as well as assess muscle recruitment/activation in specific areas of the body.  Basic anatomy and osteology are taught and required for certification at this level.

The second level of DCT Certification expands upon the basic movements and muscle/fascia activation techniques with another 118 exercises.  In Level Two a more “dynamic” understanding of biomechanics is taught along with an intermediate understanding of anatomy and osteology.  A Level Two DCT practitioner will be able to address mild postural dysfunctions as well as some chronic injuries and mild acute injuries.

In the DCT Level Three Certification practitioners will learn advanced biomechanics and exercises that incorporate compound motions while still isolating individual muscles groups and their actions.  Moderate postural problems and acute injuries can be addressed by a level three DCT practitioner.  With a level three certification a more thorough understanding of the relationship between fascial and muscle tension is taught.  Practitioners are expected to be able to follow the specific tension patterns that present in a session and to assign appropriate workouts to address the unique tension pattern of each client.

The DCT Level Four Certification is the penultimate of personal development courses.  The majority of the 117 exercises taught in the level four course are beyond the capacity of the average DCT client.  Most practitioners who choose to pursue a level four certification are personally motivated to press the limits of human capability and have a vested interested in the elite athletes and or performers of the world.  An advanced understanding of fascia and anatomy are necessary to acquire the certificate as well the ability to personally perform each exercise taught.  This level of training truly represents the core values of Harmonix Health as it is not possible to complete the DCT Level four curriculum without embodying the work.

Remote Certifications

Due to the format of our courses many people are unable to attend the standard 8 week program.  However, because of the DCT Web Portal we are able to offer Remote Certification options to our prospective practitioners.  A Remote Certification is set up upon demand and requires a minimum of 10 participants.  The format of a Remote Certification involves three separate 2 day intensive weekend courses.  A certified DCT instructor (or two instructors) will travel to your location and teach an initial weekend course of 4 hours per day totaling 8 hours of training.  Four weeks later the instructor(s) return to teach the second 8 hour intensive.  The instructors return a final time at eight weeks for a final 8 hour intensive.  Throughout the course participants are required to participate in a weekly practicum of at least 2 hours per week.  Fees for Remote Certifications are dependent upon travel expenses for the instructor(s).

Private/Small Groups

Private or Small Group Certifications are available upon request.  Pricing is dependent upon the hourly rate of the DCT Instructor that is contracted to teach each course.  Regular Certification rates begin at 10 participants or more.

Leveling Up

Harmonix Health requires all DCT Students to pass a written and practical exam in order to proceed to the next level of certification.  This ensures that all participants are proficient at the previous course material which gives all participant a richer experience with the new material.  Quality control is of the utmost importance and testing requirements are one way that Harmonix Health maintains their standards of excellence.  The DCT Web Portal has many features that are only available to a certified DCT practitioner.   Built in feedback forms and performance analysis software make the web portal one of the key components for validating success with the DCT method as well as monitoring service to the DCT community.