Amazing Before & After Photo of a DCT Shoulder Progression!!

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DCT Practitioner Jason Turko shares the play by play of a DCT session he performed today on a client at Foundation Strength in Carlsbad, CA.  Read his account below and check out the amazing before and after photos:

After doing my workout at Foundation Strength in Carlsbad the owner and head trainer Mike LoBue asked me to do a short session on one of his trainers. Emiko Jaffe is a personal trainer and strength athlete. She has had some shoulder issues that keep her from achieving her ultimate strength and fitness goals.  Mike had the sense to take a before picture to show what the after effects might be.

I started with a short but intense few minutes of barefoot shiatsu to her shoulders and upper back.  I immediately went into 3 DCT resistance stretching techniques for the same areas.  I only performed a few reps of each technique.  I then had Emiko stand up to check it out.

She got into the same starting position and another picture was taken.  The improvement was immediately recognized when put side by side with the before picture. She could hardly believe how different her posture felt.  For the next 15 minutes she kept walking around, raising her arms, shrugging her shoulders saying, “wow, this is amazing!”.  Not bad for a 15-20 minute quickie!

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